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Double Denim: Fashy or Trashy?

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Have you ever googled double denim? Do, it’s brilliant. As far as the results go my favourites are anything 80’s trash (perfectly styled with crispy perm and mullet) and that oh so famous for all the wrong reasons Justin and Britney double denim spectacular disaster!! A denim suit gripped to by a denim bustier gown. Amazing. (please keep reading…)












However, as well as those amazing skips down memory lane google also offered a number of gorgeous women ready to inspire. The consensus seems to be that darker jeans worn with a luxe denim shirt is the way to wear it. Keep jeans skinny for a ‘sexier’ dressed up look or if effortless cool is what you’re after then style it out with a cropped boyfriend, short or something distressed.



For me it’s simple. The Current Elliott Denim shirt is the best. It’s super soft and tailored to fit relaxed and easy. For something even more Luxe it’s the Carter Shirt in Vintage Chambray by Rails.

Current/ Elliott (£195)                       Current / Elliott (£210)                               Rails LA (£140)

The Flare: Should We or Shouldn’t We?

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

I can’t help notice that over the last few years my collection of jeans has got skinnier and skinnier. It’s not just the skinny skinny thats dominating the denim offer but our favourite leg shapes have all been put on a strict diet. Now it’s the “slimmer straight”, the “skinny boot” (once I it heard shamefully named the ‘Skoot’) and even the “skinny boyfriend” which is undoubtedly the shape of the summer.

However, take a bell bottomed step back in time (only a few years) and the flare was crowned  “jean of the summer”. Worn with wedges and a boho blouse we all went a bit ‘Mossy’. So is it time for a revival?

Spotted out and about we have selected the perfect way to wear flares in a stylish and contemporary fashion. Wearing with wedges or heels is pretty much a must but put the work in and your legs will look longer, leaner and definitely thinner!! In our word it all comes back to one jean. The flare of all flares. J Brand Lovestory.













Why this jean? Well, J Brand do it best. The low rise combined with the thigh hugging shape that beautifully kicks out from the knee creates as they put it “dramatic curves”. It holds in all the right places and balances your shape with thinning and winning results. Then there is the fabric. Again, J Brand do it best. Soft, stretchy and so comfortable you could sleep in them.


The ones to wear:

High Rise Valentina and the Love Story in Cosmic

Kate Moss: She Wears ‘Em Well

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

As one of the world’s leading style icons we celebrate the way Kate Moss wears jeans. It was Kate who made the Lovestory Flare from J Brand so iconic and boy doesn’t she wear ’em well. Grey jeans are her go to for style, sophistication and that effortless cool she exudes. This season if you want to look somewhat Mossy we suggest a grey jean (J Brand Maria Rhythm), striped tee (splendid) and a blazer. Easy. Simple. Stylish.

White Jeans: Stylish Summer Staple or Fashion Failure?

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

With summer fast approaching it’s time to address that yearly dilemma, can we/ would we/ should we wear white jeans? I don’t actually own a pair of white jeans (yet) but as a denim obsessive I think it’s time to get to grips with them and face the fear of exposure.

I don’t know about you but I have (had) a preconceived idea about white jeans: Trashy. Sloany. Liz Hurley. Exposed sausages. Can you see my pants/cellulite/bruise where I fell over drunk?! All these issues have stopped me from trying white jeans, until now. They can be chic, stylish and cool depending on what jean you choose and of course how you wear them. Yes we don’t all have legs like Gwyneth or the desire to eat just leaves but I have tried and tested a few of Trilogy’s best selling white jeans and this is what I found:

AG Stilt LSN

– The Stilt is one of our best selling bodies, a low (but not mega low) rise combined with the  slim 12″ pencil leg makes for a versatile shape and works well in white. The fabric, LSN is a super soft cotton twill that is luxe and feels amazing on. If you want an everyday white jean then I’d say give this a go. The fabric feels quite thin but comfort and versatility make up for this.

J Brand 811 – Blanc

811 is my favourite skinny body so I was expecting to like this jean the most and not only is the shape flattering (mid rise- 11″ leg opening) the Blanc fabric is a thicker, stretchy denim that made me feel held in but not too clingy.




DL1961 Emma in Milk

Emma from DL1961 has burst onto the denim scene as a worthy challenger for J brand 811. I have Emma in black and love her very much for her super skinny body and stretch denim has exceptional recovery. If you want something super skinny and super cool then Emma in Milk is for you. The fabric, though clingy is not as transparent as I’d have thought and works well in white. One for the skinny lovers.

Paige Skyline Ankle Peg

More of a typically, authentic white jean the denim here is thicker and more ‘denimy’ than any of the previous but this makes for welcomed coverage and less ‘cling’. Skyline Ankle Peg is always a flattering shape for Paige lovers who feel supported on the waist and flattered on the bum. One for the more body conscious, a mid rise and slim leg creates a balanced offer.



SO, these are four of our best white jeans to be tried and tested. I was surprised by the variation and diversity each style offered and over all I think my previous fear (not just of spillages) may have been a little misguided. With each pair I tried though there was one common link, they all looked WAY more flattering with a longer top that covered the fly zip and the top of my bum. Tucked in or cropped tops are not made for white jeans where as a loose tee, denim shirt and blazer cries style winner!!

Styling is key but get the look right and I am confident white jeans can be pulled off. Good luck!!









Denim Check #1: Our Review on What’s New

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014



Have you noticed that in recent season’s the hem on your skinny jeans seems to be rising? When Trilogy launched 7 years ago our standard skinny jean was a lengthy 34″ and I lovingly remember having what seemed like  a small denim skirt removed from my original J Brand 912’s in Ink (I still have them, crotch patched, faded and cut to fit)!!

Our offer of skinnies has, I suppose evolved with demand. More often than not the versatile, best selling 29″ inseam of J Brand 811 has become the perfect go to jean for fashion as well as core. However what if you are a long legged lady who doesn’t want them cropped and the ankle jeans we have become accustomed to provoke cries of ‘dead cats’!? Well look no further…..

J Brand have revolutionised the full length jean and made the long jean not just for the long leg! The 642 Stacked Skinny is a super skinny jean with 34″ inseam and mid rise, perfect for our taller customer but designed to be ‘stacked’ for the shorties amongst us! This jean is not made to be shortened but the long length embraced by all!

What’s more, the Stacked Skinny has launched in our favourite J Brand fabric Photoready. I cannot praise this fabrication enough, all the hold and support of your trusted denim but guaranteed to slim your legs and make you look a size smaller (especially in the dark navy of Bluebird and the black of Vanity!)

Overall, if you are a tall gal looking for the perfect skinny jean THIS IS IT! If you’re a little less than tall then this is the newest, coolest way to wear your skinny jeans. My conclusion: It’s a WINNER.

Exclusive Equipments!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

We are excited to introduce our Spring Equipment exclusives that have landed this week. The sleeveless Keira is a chic, sophisticated body with subtle pyjama styling thanks to the open collar and front pocket detail. Launching with three exclusive colours we have classic black, white and eye catching Klein blue.

Perfectly designed to wear with jeans, summer shorts or a pleated skirt!


J Brand Exclusives: The Navy Collection

Friday, April 11th, 2014

We are excited and proud to present our latest collaboration with J Brand, The Navy Collection. We are exceptionally proud and lucky to have such a wonderful and valued relationship with J Brand and this collection is a true representation of our DNA and that of J Brand.

The work in progress.


The process began when we visited J Brand HQ in LA last year and worked on developing a collection of very special jeans. We wanted to create a woman’s perfect wardrobe of denim, and who better to advise that Jeff Rudes the ‘J’ behind J Brand. We have combined J Brand’s best loved shapes in new and innovative fabrications in our best selling colour NAVY!!

From the factory.

The collection consists of five styles from classic sophistication of 811 to the cool utilitarian inspired Kassidy in a beautiful range of navy blues.


With Jeff!!


We invite you to view the collection below, styled only with exclusive collection pieces…….


J Brand 811 in True Blue Twill- Exclusive

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Our updated version of our best selling Jean 811 Navy Twill. Loved by all this is The Duchess’ favourite!! A True Classic!



J Brand 8112 in Blue Velvet Luxe Sateen

Friday, April 11th, 2014



J Brand Maria in Essence- exclusive

Friday, April 11th, 2014



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